About Us

AFNBEE FOODIY COM PVT. LTD., Formerly Archana Foods N Beverages is conceptualized with a vision to serve with NATURAL, PURE, FRESH foods and beverages. As there are many units who claim to be serving with all the above attributes, we take pride in following them truly to the core, by adding AFFORDABILITY. We suggest EAT FRESH, DRINK FRESH, LIVE FRESH. Say no to long shelf life, preserved, synthetic, products. Pure and Fresh does not mean to be expensive.
Our basic mission is to inculcate the life style of CONSUMING FRESH, PURE & NATURAL FOODS & BEVERAGES at the LUXURY OF HOME and DIY (do it yourself) preparations. The tastes and preferences of new generation are evolving rapidly, thereby knowingly or unknowingly putting the health at risk.
We the team of AFNBEE FOODIY….. should be available in every home from DAWN to DUSK, in any corner of the home, for any age of the family.
AFNBEE is a concept child of Mr. Udai Bhaskar. G, who has been associated with India’s largest Vermicelli and pressure cooker manufacturing companies for many years. Familiar with many house holds PAN INDIA, during his tenure he has introduced many recipes to make with vermicelli, which have become very popular and the usage of vermicelli has increased multi fold for various occasions. It’s been nostalgic history.
Shobha. G the better half of Mr. Udai Bhaskar. G, worked hard to bring the concept to life and took lead role in designing the product range. Be it GOOLEE – Soda Masalas, Be it FLassi – Fruit Lassi making masala, Be it HONORS – A Natural Honey based ORS drink concentrate, out of many innovative products.
Ananth. G a post graduate in Business and Management, the new and young generation entrepreneur having about 3 years experience in PR and and accounts.
AFNB now introducing DIY ( Do It Yourself) convenience foods and beverages to discover new tastes for all ages equally. The basic principle of AFNB is to offer :
All the recipe ideas are given with controlled cooking methodology. AFNB intends to use all the herbal and natural ingredients which is good for health. Now a days people have become very busy and health conscious, we are manufacturing convenience food products with healthy ingredients in it.Instead of having junk food you can DIY and enjoy the taste in different recipes.
We recommend use fresh, eat fresh, cook fresh and serve fresh.