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Basket is filled with: 4in1 Herbal Tea premix Combo Pack 200gms (makes 134 teas of 125ml), golDIYHaldi Doodh Mix 30gms (makes 6 cups of 125ml), 400ml gooLEE – Herbal Soda Masala (makes 20 sodas of 150ml), 200mlX4=800ml fLASSI – Probiotic LASSI MIX (makes 3.20 Lts of Lassi in total), 100gmX3 tastes SMS – Sauce/Mix/Spread (makes many dishes), 250gms, SOUPRR – An authentic Szechuan Taste pure Natural Soup Mix,  milMIX – Rosemilk Syrup the all season chilled beverage mix, gramin – 100% Herbal Tooth Powder – get rid of the nonsense of toothpastes which contain detergent based foaming agents.


Combo Taste Pack Basket

We introduce our product range in Combo Basket which suits every member of the family. Starting the day from Oral Hygiene product GRAMIN-100% HERBAL TOOTH POWDER, breaking the morning sickness with CELEBRI’TEAS’ CHAAIS herbal tea premix – SONTEA, MINTEA, PANTEA, ROSTEA. Authentic Szechuan Taste Soup Mix SOUPRR. Serve probiotic drink Lassi with fLASSI in fruit taste Mango, Pineapple, Orange & Grape after a sumptuous lunch. Treat your friends and visitors with the only “Natural, Pure, Caffeine free, Chemical free” Soda drink GINGER, SHIKANJI, JEERA, PUDINA. Of course, the basket contains.  Do not forget to end your day and retire for the day with golDIY – The Haldi Doodh Mix blended with Ashwagandha for a Sound and Healthy sleep and get rid of Insomnia, be Immune rich. milMIX – Rose milk Syrup make yourself the best of Rosemilk for all seasons.


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