milMIX-Flavoured milk making syrup


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milMIX-The Flavored milk Mix

Making milMIX is so simple just by mixing 1 portion of syrup to 4 portions of milk*.  *For better and awesome taste use boiled and cooled milk to make flavored milk at home.  Serving chilled adds the extra awesome taste to your preparation.

Our recommendation: Try with ROSE MILK SYRUP


Flavored milk is a favorite cold beverage for kids and young at heart.  The so-called flavored milks available in Bharat are just the last prioritized value-added product of any dairy brand.  The leftover of milk after skimming with butter, ghee, curd, paneer etc., high value product the dairy companies just add colour and flavor, the result Flavored milk.  Moreover it is bottled by adding preservatives to be shelved for more than 3 months.

Now you can make flavored milk FRESH at home and treat your children with 6 different tastes.  Of them the most popular is ROSEMILK for all ages.  Chocolate for girls, Vanila and Butterscotch for boys. milMIX offers you with 6 different flavors of syrup to suit everyone in the family.

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Butterscotch, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Pista, Rose, Strawberry, Vanila


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