SMS+SoupRR Combo



SMS – Chynis/Muglai/Indian all tastes are made pure and natural without adding any artificial colours, flavors, preservatives etc.,. Made with real Ginger garlic, Spring Onions, Soya Sauce, Red Chilli Etc.,

Products packed in Aluminium and Silver Foils (no plastic used)


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SMS – Sauce Mix Spread + Hot&Spicy Authentic Szechuan Soup Mix are offered as bundle to test them.

SMS-Indian(Tomato)-U can make Tomato Bhath, Tomato Fried Rice, Omlette etc.,

SMS-Muglai(Biryani)-U can make Veg/NVeg Biryani, Curry, Omlette etc.,

SMS-Chynis(Szechuan)-U can make SZ Fried Rice, Noodle, Omlette, Rolls etc.,

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